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History of Nadiad city

Industries of Nadiad

People of many castes reside here, so various occupations are found among people- mostly agriculture, business, service and day-labour is chief of them. Business is increasing which is why there is a steady progress economically.

Apart from grains, tobacco is grown and tobacco process houses are in the town. The market here is the biggest market of the district. After Ahmedabad, this is the second largest market in Gujarat. There are many government offices here too.

There is a Textile Mill called the New Shorrok Mills. More than 2500 workers work there. Moreover, there are factories for making Steel Safes, Furniture Making, Soap, Metal and Iron, Washers Making from Leather, etc. There are also factories of ‘dhanadal’, Sugar, ‘agarbatti’ (incense making).

Moreover, there are Cottage Industries of ‘patrala’ making (a kind of utensil resembling plate to eat food from and made from leaves of certain tree), Tobacco snuff, Ropes of jute, Bamboo baskets, Weaving, Leatherwork, Iron-work, Carpentary, Textitle cloth colouring, Printing of textile, etc. is found.


There are 20 schools run by the Nadiad Municipal Corporation. These primary school employ 168 teachers, out of which 105 are men and 13 are women.

There is a total of 7650 children studying in these schools. Apart from this, there are 7 private schools under the control of administration.

There are five branches of Fulchand Bapuji Shishuvihar High School (home for learning for children), Kintergarden of Por, New English School, New English School For Girls, Sarasvati High School, Basudiwala Public School, City High School, Shree Vitthal Kanya Vidhyalaya, J. and J. College of Science, C.B. Patel Arts Institute, Ayurvedic College, etc. are there.

Santram School

Vithal Girls School

There are also Shree Khadayata Women Training Institute, and Shree Khadayata Sanskrit Pathshala.

Moreover, there is Dahi Laxmi Library, Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti General Library, etc. Due to the effort of Mr. Ambubhai Purani, there were once 19 gymnasium schools in the town.

This activity has slowed down recently. But Dalal Vitthaldas Somchand Public Gymnasium, Visa Khayaat Public Gymnasium and Por Education Trust Gymnasium are still running in good condition.

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